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About Us

Our Story

Stillrock is a privately held real estate development and investment firm. Our three completely integrated main companies, Stillrock Capital, Stillrock Asset Management, and Stillrock Development, invest directly and indirectly in real estate.

Over the previous three decades, Stillrock’s team has invested in and managed over $300 Million in assets across all use classes in the Canada, United States, and United Kingdom.


Stillrock is expanding its portfolio with a targeted mix of investment and development projects, as well as real estate private equity possibilities. We’re on the lookout for new opportunities and have a lot of cash on hand. Other property asset classifications, as well as all linked aspects of the sector, such as joint ventures, capital provision, and loan acquisitions, will be considered. Please contact us if you’d like a copy of our most recent Acquisition Summary or if you’d like to give us your investment suggestions.


“The whole is more than the sum of its parts” -Aristotle.

This is true of the team at Stillrock, where we take pride in our human capital and continue to recruit talented individuals. To learn more about Stillrock employment opportunities, please contact us at